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SKY Signature

SKY Signature
Digital Signature

SKY Signature

Version 2.8

Signature Verification Solution

Signature analysis and data extraction powered by AI and deep machine learning

New Sky Bank Check v2.8

The new Sky Bank Check v2.8 is the smartest system developed by InDataCore for Bank check analysis and data extraction from more than 62 bank check types, built on the deep machine learning system. – Replace ID images with check images
Introduction Into

Sky Signature

Sky Signature, is our product fully powered by our state-of-the-art machine learning technology. It’s a great leap forward in our mission to enable data extraction from all signatures in the world..

We Ensure To You

To Achieve Easy and Efficient Processes


Handwritten signature on paper

  • - Detection of the unique signature on a document (bank check, contract...)
  • - Extraction of the unique signature
  • - Verification of the authenticity of the signature
  • - Detection of multiple signatures on a document (bank check, contract...)
  • - Extraction and separation of signatures
  • - Verification of the authenticity of signatures

Tablet Signature

  • - Signature capture module on tablet with pen
  • - Digital signature capture module on tablet
  • - Document Initialing

User Experience

Ease of use while bank check verification done in real time and guided by AI & Deep Machine Learning models. It makes the user experience unique.

Sky Signature Accuracy

The accuracies of The new Sky Signature v2.8 have been validated on the basis of 2,400,000 images.


Accuracy Verification Signature Similarity

Extraction Of Digital Signature


Identification Of A Signature


For Scanner SDK


Sky Signature features

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Signing contracts online.
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Validation of documents at ATMs.
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Validating and accepting contracts in bank branches.
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High security and data reliability.

Key Benefits

Real-time Bank Check Analysis & Data Extraction for bank check solution.

Completely customizable through the Sky Signature portal

Sky Bank Check Analysis Support

Easy Integration in your applications mobile, web and desktop using the app’s connectors (SDK Mobile, SDK Web, SDK Scanner, API)

Download and try Free Sky Signature Demo App

Please note that the new Sky Signature v2.8 is try version for 30 days only.

Try Sky Signature v2.8 SDK or Web SDK or Web API for free

Please go to GitHub and generate demo license keys . No credit card is required.

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