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With our wide range of innovative offers and technologies, we provide you with the opportunity to develop your skills and shape your own career path. By engaging in ambitious global projects spanning various sectors and industries, you can take control of your professional future. You'll have the chance to contribute to projects that positively impact society, including supporting innovative social initiatives, fostering digital inclusion, and promoting environmental preservation.

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The mission of inDataConnect is to provide its clients with high-quality expertise for the implementation of their projects, which act as catalysts for the digital transformation of their business. The vision of inDataConnect, "solutions for better performance," reflects the company's ambition to offer concrete solutions to enhance the performance and productivity of its clients.

With over 6 years of experience, we have demonstrated our expertise and practical skills to cover all aspects of development processes and provide result-oriented AI solutions to businesses of all sizes and sectors.

inDataConnect is committed to understanding its clients' needs and providing optimal solutions to fulfill their ambitions. The company operates across all industries and offers its services to large corporations, SMEs, and associations, providing both occasional and continuous support.

 In essence, inDataConnect is an IT services company dedicated to assisting its clients in achieving their goals by delivering innovative solutions and experienced teams.

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Digital Transformation

Our mission is to help our clients embrace digital technologies to transform their business model and operational processes. Our experts work closely with you to understand your specific needs and provide tailored solutions to optimize your efficiency, productivity, customer experience, and innovation capacity.
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Our objective is to ensure that our clients are protected against cybersecurity threats, and that their systems and data are secure from malicious attacks that could cause financial, reputational, and legal damages.
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Smart Cities

Our activity is to assist cities in adopting smart technologies to enhance the quality of life for their citizens and optimize their operations.
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Sustainable Development

Our mission is to support our clients in reducing their environmental impact, improving their operational efficiency, and enhancing their commitment to sustainable development while meeting the expectations of stakeholders such as customers, employees, investors, and local communities.
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Industry 4.0

The objective is to help businesses enhance their competitiveness in the market, reduce production costs and lead times, improve the quality of products and services, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Charting Your Journey to Success

Career Paths

Students and Recent Graduates

Feel free to embark on the journey of change! A career at inDataConnect will allow you to pursue your current passion or discover new ones. Here, you can shape your career according to your aspirations while working on projects that transform renowned global enterprises and contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive future.

Your journey starts right here with us...

At inDataConnect, we offer a wide range of opportunities in various fields of activities and technologies, along with a continuous learning environment that enables you to embrace new exciting challenges while collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

Our dedicated programs for recent graduates are designed to help you launch your career by combining a variety of development opportunities and engaging projects.

Moreover, we have developed several school partnerships, which present an opportunity to collaborate and create beneficial synergies for their growth. We offer internships or learning programs to students, providing them with practical and hands-on experience in their field of study.

Experienced Professionals

Whether you are at the beginning of your career or seeking a significant role, at inDataConnect, you can be yourself and grow your career according to your aspirations.

How can you envision your future at inDataConnect?

We provide personal development frameworks with clearly defined career progressions that give you the flexibility to manage your career. You can benefit from managerial training and professional paths for future managers.

At inDataConnect, we offer a wide range of opportunities in various fields of activities and technologies, along with a continuous learning environment that enables you to embrace new exciting challenges while collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

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Job Opportunities

Are you ready to take on new exciting challenges, applying your knowledge and experience?

At inDataConnect, we offer you learning and development opportunities to advance your career, from learning to leadership. Search and apply today for our job openings to embark on new stimulating projects and contribute to transforming leading global companies while making a positive impact on society.

Our Careers

Project Management
Web / Mobile Development
Data Insights Specialist
Support & Infrastructure Specialist
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At inDataConnect, we pride ourselves on being a dynamic and forward-thinking employer in the AI and technology space. Our commitment to excellence, impactful projects, and a culture of innovation make us stand out. We foster an environment where creativity thrives, and our employees are encouraged to push boundaries and explore new ideas.

inDataConnect follows a structured approach that begins with a thorough understanding of the client's business objectives and challenges. They work closely with clients to define project goals, identify data sources, and develop tailored solutions. Their team of experts, equipped with extensive industry experience, ensures the successful implementation and integration of data-driven strategies into the client's business ecosystem.

We are dedicated to empowering our employees to reach their full potential. Through continuous learning programs, workshops, and access to the latest industry trends, we nurture our team's growth. Additionally, our diverse and challenging projects offer unparalleled opportunities for skill development and career advancement.

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