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SKY IDentification

SKY IDentification
IDentity Verification

Sky IDentification

Version 6.3

eKYC Solution

Perfectly adaptable and customizable to meet your specific needs and particularities

New Sky IDentification v6.3 is live.

It’s an eKYC solution for digital customer on-Boarding based on user identification with Streaming OCR and Streaming Face Match with Liveness detection
What is it ?

eKYC process

In a fast growing Digital World, Knowing Your Customer is more important than ever. Sky IDentification provides Digital Customer On-Boarding and eKYC. Its AI and Deep Machine Learning verifies Passports & ID Cards.

User On-Boarding and Authentication was always a big Manual Process for each industry specially Finance where more risk is involved. We replaced that using OCR Streaming with Face Match Streaming and Liveness Detection. This ensure User is present during Identification and no Spoof.

How does it Work ?

All in two steps

Easy customization of your dynamic On-line or Off-line Documents scanning App White-Labeled Solution with Full control of your user interface (UI) design.
Seamless integration into your mobile and web applications thanks to our multiple connectors (Mobile SDK, Web SDK, Scanner SDK, API) for private or public use.


ID Document Scan

  • Scan front and back side
  • Full OCR Streaming
  • ID Checks
  • ID Data Extraction
  • ID Classification
  • ID Fraud Detection
  • 99.5% Accuracy

Liveness Detection

  • Blink Liveness Detection
  • Rotation Liveness Detection
  • Smile Liveness Detection
  • Anti-spoofing system Detection
  • 99.6% Accuracy

SKY IDentification instantly shows the face matching result and then provide you all the data extracted from the document


Face Matching

  • Matching Selfie/video VS Document ID
  • Full Face Match Streaming
  • Real Person Detection
  • Fraud Detection
  • Real Time Face Recognition
  • 99.9% Accuracy


  • Real Time Results
  • Face Match Score
  • Liveness Score
  • Remote Authentication

Key Benefits


Real Time Deep OCR Streaming to identify, classify and qualify your documents. Real Time Deep Face Matching Streaming to identify and authenticate your customers. Multi-connectors and Multi-Devices solution.

Check ID authenticity and intelligent data extraction

Comply with growing regulations round the globe.

Data encryption, secure connection protocol, tokenization system.

Completely customizable through the Sky IDentification portal.

Easy Integration using multi connectors of Sky IDentification.

Make sure the person holding the ID is the same person in the ID photo.

Real time Liveness Check using Steaming Face Analysis.

Ease of use while user verification done in real time, remotely.

Android, IOS, Web, Flutter, React, Codename ONE, Scanner and API.

Request Processing in less than a second.

Type of supported documents

Sky Document Analysis v3.7 is a multi-connectors and multi-devices deep OCR including thousands of document templates all over the world

ID Documents

Enable scanning in any app to capture data from Card ID, passports, permits, visas...

Credit cards

Enable scanning in any app to capture data from payment card VISA, Mastercard, CMI, …

Retail receipts

Enable receipt scanning to get instant insight into consumer purchase data.


Choose field-by-field scanner to easily pay any invoice.

Payment slips

Scan pay slips to quickly pay bills.

SIM cards

Barcode scanning for easy Telco user registration.


Enable scanning in any app to capture data from Standardized contracts ...

Scan vehicle

Scan vehicle identification numbers from a car or document.

Bank Checks

Enable scanning in any app to capture all data (amount, CMC7, …) from any bank check …

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